Lesson Of The Day….

The past week and a half has been a crazy one, but the past 3 days have been what some may call “out of control”. Without giving too much away because I always want to protect my family, but family member can be oh so draining emotionally. I will do anything I can for anyone I love but when me helping them out becomes a crutch, where do I draw the line? I never want to see my loved ones in a bad situation but I feel like it is now time for “tough love”. I have to take a step back and allow these individuals to take responsibility for their action and I can honestly say I thought it would be hard on me to do..but it is not at all. I realized if I keep stepping in to help them then they will not take responsibilities for their own actions. In life you grow up, make choices and sometimes there are consequences to those choices that you make. It sucks, however it is what we all go through on this whirlwind of a place we call a planet. 

I don’t know about you all but this year has zoomed by and I am exhausted mentally and emotionally. I need time,space and a place to just think and get all these thoughts out of my head. I need to see which ideas are do-able or which ideas are fantasy, either way I need to get them out of my head and put them in some kind of perspective.  I have all these thoughts swimming around in my head regarding my family, friends, career and I need to figure out what people or things in each of those groups add to my happiness in life.  The things/people who do not provides any positivity in my life then I need to have them exit. As hard as that may be for me I need to make that happen, because I am solely responsible for own happiness, and I need to do everything I can to ensure that I am just that–100% HAPPY!


So that lessons I learned this past week or so are as follows: first I have to be hands off and let family members/friends feel the weight of their actions–good or bad.  And most importantly, I don’t need anyone in my life who does not want the best for me or anyone who doesn’t bring any positivity to my world. Time is ticking away on my life span and I don’t have time to waste it with people not worthy of my love or trust.


Have a great week everyone and as always remember to…..


~Glam Up Your Life~


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